Ladysmith Chamber Of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce in Ladysmith is located at 33 Roberts St, Ladysmith BC, V9G 1A4. The phone number is 250-245-2112. The Chamber Of Commerce is a business organization in Ladysmith for promoting, improving and advocating local business.

Established in 1930 the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce is mandated to enhance trade interests in Ladysmith, to be community leader by developing programs to advance the business community, to encourage communication by all sectors in Ladysmith and to speak on behalf of the business community to local, Provincial and Federal governments.

YOU Can join the Chamber of Commerce. There are many benefits to joining. You can influence government decision making. You will be up to date on news and events concerning business in Ladysmith and meet contacts of other business people. Preferred rates on credit card purchase and interact services. Fuel savings! You can advertise your business in the visitor center and in the website. They will help you obtain preferable rates for things such as group medical and dental that are mostly for large companies. Get their monthly commerce newsletter! Your business will be recommended by the chamber of commerce.

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