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There are a few different types of condos in Nanaimo. First you have the 10 to 20+ story concrete apartment buildings that we typically like to think of as a “condominium”. Next we have the more common low rise wood frame apartment building with maybe 3 to 6 floors. The nice and newer ones will have look good, have elevators but there may be some older apartments for sale that are in a 2 story walk up type building. Those will be cheaper for sure and lower end. Then you might find the less common duplex or triplex style condo for sale in Nanaimo. These tend to be either purpose built like this and strata titled or they could be a conversion where at some point an owner took the triplex and divided it into 3 strata titled properties and then sold off the individual units for a greater profit than the 1 building would have achieved.

There are a number of strata developments in town. Below you will find a list of all the condo buildings in Nanaimo I could find and if you click the links you can read about these apartment buildings.

I will divide the list of condos in Nanaimo in to several districts based on MLS areas alphabetically. Brechin Hill, Central Nanaimo, Departure Bay, North Nanaimo, The University District and Uplands.


Bowen Terraces

Bradley Place

Brechin Views

Bryden Beach

Cameron Island

Caven Place

Channel View

Dover House

Dufferin Court

Dufferin Heights

Eagle Point Bayview

Harbour City One

Harbour Towers

Hawthorne Corner

Knights Bridge

Lakeside Terraces

Long Lake Manor

Longwood Estates

Marine Vista

Meredith Courts

Millstream Manor


Nob Hill Acropolis

Northridge Estates

Pacific View Terraces


Park Place

Ross Cromarty



Sherwood Manor


The Beacon

The Edgewater

The Fountains

The Gabriola

The Montebello

The Newcastle

The Willows

The Winchelsea

Tulsa Views

University Park

If you would like to look at any Nanaimo condos for sale or if you wany to put up your apartment for sale contact me, your favourite Vancouver Island Realtor Jurgan Turner.

Here are a few useful links if you own or rent a condo in Nanaimo.

Quick link to the BC Housing

Quick link to the Residential Tenancy Act

Quick link to the Vancouver Island Strata Association

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