Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Club

Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Club is located at 6700 Dover Rd., Nanaimo BC, V9V 1A6, with telephone (250) 390-2121

Team history dates back to 1888, with many players who went on to play for Canada The Home pitch and Hornets Nest clubhouse are in May Bennet Park and features a main hall,change rooms, a kitchen and bar. The vibrant rugby culture promotes community spirit, and athleticism for all body types and skill levels, exceptional commitment to rugby, comprehensive sense of hospitality and quality of play. Both men’s and women’s teams often get to the Island finals and are known to reach & win the BC Finals at times.The Junior and Mini Rugby promotes an excellent introduction to the game, while the Mens Over 40 “Yoos to Bees” keeps up the spirit for life long fitness. Home games are at Franck Crane field.

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